Twin/Tri Lobe Roots Blower


RPE takes pride in its range of Twin Lobe Roots Blowers, offering a versatile and comprehensive lineup with capacities ranging from 10 cubic meters per hour (CMH) to an impressive 10,000 CMH. These blowers are designed to handle various industrial applications, providing robust and efficient air and gas handling solutions.


What sets RPE’s Twin Lobe Roots Blowers apart is their ability to deliver exceptional performance even under challenging conditions. With a maximum differential pressure of 1 kg/cm², these blowers excel in applications requiring substantial pressure generation, such as aeration in wastewater treatment, pneumatic conveying, and more.


RPE’s commitment to precision engineering ensures that our Twin Lobe Roots Blowers are built to last, with minimal maintenance requirements. Whether you need a reliable solution for large-scale industrial processes or smaller applications, our versatile range of blowers has you covered.


The two rotors rotate in opposite directions.

As each rotor passes the blower inlet, it traps a definite volume of air/gas and carries it around the casing all the way to the blower’s outlet. With constant speed operation, the displaced volume remains approximately the same at different inlet temperatures, inlet pressures, and discharge pressures.

As each rotor passes the blower outlet the air is compressed to the system pressure there and expelled.

There exist finite clearances between every part inside the casing of the blower, which allows operation without lubrication being required inside the casing, and hence the blower provides 100% oil-free air at the discharge end.

Timing gears control the relative position of the rotors to each other.

Principles of Operation:

Key Features of RPE’s Twin/Tri Lobe Blower:

  • 100% Oil free air delivery.
  • Superior product quality having robust design
  • Available in both Air cooled and Water-cooled type.
  • Alloy steel toughened shafts ground to close tolerances
  • Dynamically balanced Impellers/Rotor as per ISO 1940/1 Grade 6.3.
  • Antifriction bearings arrangement.
  • All the assembled machines are being tested comprehensively for air flow, noise, vibration, power consumption before dispatch, as per BS 1571 Part-2.
  • EN-353 hardened and ground timing gears ensures reliable and durable operation of blower.
  • Casing, Side plates and Lobe conforms to CI FG 260 grade grey cast iron as per IS:210 standard.
  • Capacity ranges from 10CMH to 10,000CMH
  • Differential Pressure up to 1kg/cm² (10000MMWG)
  • Vacuum application up to 0.5kg/cm² (5000MMWG)
  • Suitable for both air and gas applications


Applications of Twin/ Tri-lobe Roots Blowers:

  • Wastewater Treatment: Twin and tri-lobe Roots blowers are commonly used in wastewater treatment plants for aeration purposes. They supply large volumes of air to facilitate the growth of aerobic bacteria, which break down organic matter in the wastewater.
  • Pneumatic Conveying: In industries where bulk materials need to be transported through pipelines, twin/tri-lobe Roots blowers are employed in pneumatic conveying systems to provide the necessary air pressure to move the materials efficiently.
  • Aquaculture: For maintaining sufficient oxygen in fish, shrimps breeding pool and biofloc tanks
  • Cement and Flour Mills: Twin and tri-lobe Roots blowers are utilized in cement and flour mills to transport cement, flour, and other powdered materials within the production process.
  • Biogas Plants: These blowers are used in biogas plants to compress the biogas generated from organic waste, making it suitable for storage and further use as a renewable energy source.
  • Pulp and Paper Industry: Twin/tri-lobe Roots blowers are used in the pulp and paper industry for various processes such as paper drying, chip conveying, and aeration in wastewater treatment.
  • Aquaculture: In aquaculture, twin/tri-lobe Roots blowers provide aeration and water circulation in fish ponds and recirculating aquaculture systems to maintain optimal dissolved oxygen levels and support fish growth.
  • Food and Beverage Industry: Twin and tri-lobe Roots blowers are used in the food and beverage industry for applications such as grain conveying, vacuum packaging, and drying processes.
  • Chemical Industry: These blowers are used in the chemical industry for gas compression, vapour recovery, and other process applications.
  • Vacuum Systems: Twin/tri-lobe Roots blowers are used in various vacuum systems, such as central vacuum systems in industries and vacuum lifting equipment.
  • Central Vacuum Systems: These blowers are used in central vacuum systems for industrial and commercial applications, providing a reliable source of vacuum throughout the facility.
  • HVAC Systems: Twin/tri-lobe Roots blowers are used in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems to maintain airflow and circulation.
  • Steel mines: Blast furnace air supply, coke oven exhauster, fly ash collections, combustion air for open health furnace
  • Distilleries: Liquor moving, Conveying of grains etc.
  • Sugar Mills: For effluent treatment
  • Electroplating Industry: For agitation of electrolyte


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